Neil Jones

Neil Jones

Owner & Founder

At 15 years of age, Neil started working for top British rider, Michael Whitaker, where he learned the fundamentals of the show jumping sport. After several years, Neil decided to start his own business in Cheshire, England, using the knowledge and experience he gained to develop and sell top quality horses.

In 1991, Neil moved to Belgium where he began working with Ludo Philippaerts. After working together successfully for 11 years, Neil decided to become independent again and in 2002, he founded Neil Jones Equestrian.

Neil Jones Equestrian has not only turned into one of the leading horse sales businesses worldwide, but has also simultaneously served as a development program for riders. Neil offers his riders the opportunity to produce quality young horses for competition and bring them up through the international level.

By importing the horses to the United States and allowing his riders to compete on them, future buyers are able to get to know the horses on familiar territory without the hassle and rush of making a purchase overseas. Satisfied customers around the world continue to return to NJEQ with confidence that they will find their perfect equine match.

Neil speaks English, Dutch and German.

Cecile Vonderheyden

Cecile Vonderheyden

Office Management

Cecile has solid international exposure and experience in the horse industry as well as business management.

Born in France with German/Hungarian origins, Cecile worked in many countries with established equestrians & horse farms. She joined the team as Office Manager in 2019.

Cecile speaks French, German and English.

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